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Ancient Records was primarily set up to release the debut album of Memory Cells in 2000 and was at that time owned and operated by the members of the band; Stephen Rennicks, Anthony Carroll and Adrienne Flynn. Begun with high hopes and runs of 500 to 1000 CDs with colour booklets this era came swiftly to a close with the demise of the group just over one year later. The label was resurrected by Stephen in 2004 for the release of his debut album as Secret Society (followed by many more), with the emphasis of the label changing towards short run CDR releases due more to financial necessity than desire. The label worked with other artists on the Moment Series project, which asked sound artists to interpret the phrase, 'To stretch a moment is to live outside time'. All of the releases are currently out of press and can no longer be purchased from this website. You can still make contact regarding the label or any of its releases through Stephen at this link. Much of the music of Memory Cells and Secret Society can now be heard and purchased at these Bandcamp links. Thank you.


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