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Much of the releases here by Memory Cells and Secret Society can now be listened to and purchased at these Bandcamp links. 

ANC020 SECRET SOCIETY - THERE CDR 20064th album, 10 tracks 

ANC019 SECRET SOCITY - TEMPORARY RESIDENCE CDR 200620 minute sound piece and Secret Society sampler given away free in edition of 50.

ANC018 SECRET SOCIETY - MEMORY TRIPTYCH CDR 2006Music based on memory of person, place and thing. Featuring samples of E+S=B and Dennis McNulty. 

ANC017 BLACK SEA PROJECT - TRANSMUTE CDR 2006Electro collaboration between Stephen Rennicks and That Boy Tim), 10 tracks.

ANC016 SECRET SOCIETY - NEW ALARM CLOCKS CDR 2006Longer version of a track featured on 'Extra Hour' given away free during 'Black Lough' project.

ANC015 SECRET SOCIETY - EXTRA HOUR CDR 20063rd album, 60 minute continuous mix of 8 tracks.

ANC014 FUZZY SYSTEMS - WE ARE FLOATING IN THE NAVEL OF MAHA-VISHNU CDR 2005This time Fuzzy Systems was Joshue O’Connor, Roger Lenoir and Fiona Guiheen. The track sounds like a slowly evolving mystical revelation, a slow flash like moment of contemplative illumination. Detail within detail, patterns repeating but revealing new sides, further possibilities, floating indeed. Plus Secret Society remix.

ANCO13 RICHARD KAMERMAN - V0X BALAENAE REDUX CDR 2005New York sound designer. His piece sounds like a moment stretched and seen from every conceivable angle.

ANC006R SECRET SOCIETY - STORM (TO REMIND & TRANSPORT) CDR 2005A prolonged audio snapshot of a rain storm recorded with a wide frequency microphone. An effort to try and freeze time itself at that particular moment using frequency as a net.

ANC012 LIFE IS A SCREAM IN THE FACE OF A BRIGHT MADNESS DVD 2005 (PROMO)A very loose documentary on Richard Shaver but also an exploration of modern day myths, email us nicely and we might send you one.

ANC011 SECRET SOCIETY - TIME CDR 200520 minute sound piece given away free during Nov and Dec 2005.

ANC010 SECRET SOCIETY - THE NEW CITY CDR 2005Single track, 34minn17sec.

ANC009 SECRET SOCIETY - MOMENTS CDR 20052nd album, 10 tracks.

ANC008 SECRET SOCIETY - JUNK OUT OF CONTEXT VOL. 2 CDR 2004Tracks compiled from year long project, ambient electronics, continuous mix.

ANC007 SECRET SOCIETY - JUNK OUT OF CONTEXT VOL. 1 CDR 2004Tracks compiled from year long project, tape collage, continuous mix.

ANC006 SECRET SOCIETY - STORM (TO REMIND & TRANSPORT) CDR 2004Original jewel case edition, since re-released, details above.

ANC005 SECRET SOCIETY - AM MAKIN' DISCOVERIES CDR 2004Debut album, 15 tracks.

ANC004 MEMORY CELLS - NO PEOPLE HERE CDR 2004First time on CD, originally released on VHS in 2000, re-mastered, 13 tracks. "The moody and muted scintillation of their home recordings, preserved for memory in fetching handmade sleeve art, suggests a trio destined for interesting things." The Wire

ANC003 MEMORY CELLS - WE HAVE FOUND THE NEW JERUSALEM CD 200112 tracks, produced by Maura O'Boyle. "The scope of their imagination is impressive, the breadth of their ambition laudable, the scale of their achievement not to be underestimated. Simple, sparse and resolutely hypnotic, this is 'time-and-place' music, suitable for late night meditative introspection." Dublin Event Guide

ANC002 MEMORY CELLS - NO PEOPLE HERE VHS 200040 minute Ambient film made to accompany 'Night'.

ANC001 MEMORY CELLS - NIGHT CD 2000Debut album, 16 tracks. "In its bleak, frozen beauty it could almost be Russian, bringing to mind the eternally lingering camerawork of director Andrei Tarkovsky, with whom they share an obsession with the occult power of secret spaces. In reality they're a three piece from Dublin, combining sparse, single-note keyboard melodies with simplistic bass patterns, minimal percussion and slow picked acoustics all beautifully rendered on a fuzzy two track portastudio." The Wire


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